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At the heart of everything we do at BetterLesson is the simple but powerful “Try-Measure-Learn” approach. We’re all about growth—for teachers, leaders, and most of all, our students.

We are growing and learning along with the educators we support. Most recently, you may have noticed some changes on our website, from a new instructional framework to the new navigation. We wanted to orient you, our loyal readers (or new ones!) to the changes—and will explore several of these changes more in-depth in future blog posts!


The 5 Essential Elements of Student-Centered Teaching and Learning

Since 2008, we have worked to help educators create student-centered classrooms—ones in which students engage with real-world, personally-relevant content, feel respected, and take ownership of their learning. We use the phrase “Professional Learning Domains” to describe the skills that teachers and leaders master in their journey towards creating such classrooms. We have now organized our Professional Learning Domains into 5 categories, which we believe are the 5 Essential Elements of Student-Centered Teaching and Learning. Check out the new framework!

We also added three new Professional Learning Domains to further expand our content: 


New Learning Series and Learning Walks Webpages

What’s a BetterLesson Learning Series? How do Learning Walks help school and district leaders best support teachers in student-centered practices? Two new pages explain some of the more recently added BetterLesson services. These group-learning formats join our foundational 1:1 Coaching and Design Workshop services. You can see how all the Services fit together on our revised Overview page.


Strategic Partnerships

In addition to our district partners, BetterLesson works with education companies and nonprofits that are committed to teacher and student growth, including those that produce highly rated curricula, digital learning platforms, student assessment tools, and more. Learn more about Strategic Partnerships.


Resource Library

Teachers and administrators still have access to BetterLesson's resource library of research-based, ready-to-use instructional strategies and lesson plans. To find them, consult the new Resource Library tab at the top of our website's homepage. From there you can access the Instructional Strategies and Lesson Plans sections, as well as the Essential Elements framework. 


The updates to our website better describe how we partner with education leaders to ensure all teachers are empowered to develop the next generation of resourceful, compassionate, resilient learners.  Is anything unclear or is there anything else you’d like to know? Would you like to see more resources on certain topics or examples of teacher or student impact? Drop us a line at marketing@betterlesson.com.

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