Time to Build Morale: Five Ways that Time Can Support Teachers’ Well-being

    Just as teachers carefully consider the ways in which they want students to use their time in the classroom, leaders must regularly reflect on the[...]
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    An Action Plan for Closing Gaps and Accelerating Growth

    Unfinished learning is high on teachers’ priority lists this school year. But in bringing students up to speed, maintaining depth over coverage is[...]
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    8 Simple Ways Data Can Be Used to Personalize Instruction

    Technology has given us access to more data than ever. How can we sort through all of our formative assessment data and turn it into actionable steps[...]
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    How Do I Get Them to Turn in their Work? Tips for Asynchronous Learning

    As a BetterLesson instructional coach, I work 1:1 with teachers across the country, as well as facilitate small group discussions during Virtual[...]
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    3 Tenets of Culturally Responsive Secondary Literacy Instruction

    Across the country, we have a deep literacy problem: According to the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP), in 2019 only 35% of 4th[...]
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    Four Ways to Begin to Change the Narrative about American Indians in K-12 Instruction

    "Are there actual Indians there?" This is a question I often heard when I told people that I was a teacher on the Blackfeet Indian Reservation in[...]
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    Top 5 Instructional Strategies for Student-Centered Teaching and Learning

    One of the most prominent themes in K-12 education right now is student-centered instruction.  Brown University Education Alliance defines a[...]
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