Leading A Professional Learning Community

    A strong, collaborative school culture results in powerful ideas and solutions. When teachers and leaders come together to support student growth[...]
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    Using a Strategy Showcase to Create a Collaborative Teacher Community

    When our school launched instructional coaching through BetterLesson last year, we started with about 20 teachers including educators in their first[...]
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    Making PLCs Work For Your School, Part 1: What is a PLC?

    How do education systems foster continuous growth when there are so many differing roles and specializations of key players who are part of a[...]
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    Try-Measure-Learn: The Coaching Process in Action

    In my work as a coach, I have the privilege of working with teachers at all stages of their career and at all levels of practice. While I am of the[...]
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    Dispelling 4 Common Myths about Instructional Coaching

    Recently, a colleague came to see me and begrudgingly shared that the district picked her to work with an instructional coach at BetterLesson. When I[...]
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    Highlights from Social Justice 101

    Earlier this year, I had the opportunity to participate in a Teaching Tolerance workshop entitled Social Justice 101. Before I share what I learned,[...]
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    How to Develop a Collaborative Professional Learning Structure in Your School

    As a school or district administrator or instructional coach, have you ever asked yourself the following questions:
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