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    Teaching Math Isn't Just About Numbers. It's About Us.

    February is Black History Month. However, educators should not limit their focus onor inclusion of Black voices to just this month. Culturally[...]
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    Juneteenth: Unlearning an Incomplete History of the United States

    For many educators, Juneteenth may not be a familiar holiday. But, like so many American holidays, our recognition of this celebration starts with[...]
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    How the “Social Discipline Window” Helps Create an Empowered Classroom

    Allison Bucklew was selected to be part of the BetterLesson Master Teacher Project on Culturally-Responsive Teaching and Learning (CRTL),[...]
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    Distance Learning: Reaching Students with Limited Virtual Access

    With the vast majority of U.S. schools closed due to the coronavirus pandemic, many districts have turned to online learning to ensure students[...]
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    Four Ways to Begin to Change the Narrative about American Indians in K-12 Instruction

    "Are there actual Indians there?" This is a question I often heard when I told people that I was a teacher on the Blackfeet Indian Reservation in[...]
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    Highlights from Social Justice 101

    Earlier this year, I had the opportunity to participate in a Teaching Tolerance workshop entitled Social Justice 101. Before I share what I learned,[...]
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    5 Considerations for Leading Equity Work in Your District

    Equity, as defined by Matthew R. Kay in Not Light, but Fire, is "raising the achievement of all students while narrowing the gap between the highest[...]
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