How Do I Get Them to Turn in their Work? Tips for Asynchronous Learning

    As a BetterLesson instructional coach, I work 1:1 with teachers across the country, as well as facilitate small group discussions during Virtual[...]
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    Distance Learning: 4 Great Ways to End the School Year

    In a traditional setting, the end of the school year is filled with lots of field trips, celebrations, and reflections. Teachers keep students[...]
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    3 Tenets of Culturally Responsive Secondary Literacy Instruction

    Across the country, we have a deep literacy problem: According to the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP), in 2019 only 35% of 4th[...]
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    Blended Classroom Design: A New Learning Domain

    In last week’s blog post, we highlighted updates to our website. Over the next few weeks, we’ll take a closer look at some of the new elements[...]
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    Infusing Student-Centered Literacy Practices into an Established Curriculum

    This is the fifth blog in our Newsela student-centered literacy blog series. You can find the previous installment here and the subsequent, and[...]
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    How Instructional Coaches Can Support Teachers in the Writing Process

    This is the second blog in our Newsela student-centered literacy blog series. You can find the first installment here and the third installment here.
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    Unpacking Student-Centered Instruction for Literacy: A Blog Series

    Student-centered literacy instruction is a skills-rich and text-robust approach to teaching literacy that emphasizes student choice and ownership of[...]
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