An Action Plan for Closing Gaps and Accelerating Growth

    Unfinished learning is high on teachers’ priority lists this school year. But in bringing students up to speed, maintaining depth over coverage is[...]
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    8 Simple Ways Data Can Be Used to Personalize Instruction

    Technology has given us access to more data than ever. How can we sort through all of our formative assessment data and turn it into actionable steps[...]
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    From Assessment of Learning to Assessment as Learning: Making Differentiation Finally Manageable

    How can we leverage what we have learned during the pandemic so far to use formative assessment as a lever of manageable and sustainable[...]
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    Science for All Students: Bringing The Wind And The Ocean To The Classroom

    This blog is the second in a series that highlights the work of the “Meeting the Needs of All Learners” Master Teacher Project. Each author is an[...]
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    Top 5 Instructional Strategies for Student-Centered Teaching and Learning

    One of the most prominent themes in K-12 education right now is student-centered instruction.  Brown University Education Alliance defines a[...]
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    Strategies for Developing Growth Mindset in Early Childhood Classrooms

    Confident, curious, and happy. These are character goals that I set for myself as an educator, and qualities I hope to instill and support in my[...]
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