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Unpacking Student-Centered Instruction for Literacy: A Blog Series

Student-centered literacy instruction is a skills-rich and text-robust approach to teaching literacy that emphasizes student choice and ownership of[...]
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Top 5 Instructional Strategies for Student-Centered Teaching and Learning

One of the most prominent themes in K-12 education right now is student-centered instruction.  Brown University Education Alliance defines a[...]
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Four Tips for Making this School Year Your Best One Yet

The 2019-2020 school year is upon us! It feels like just a few weeks ago we were saying goodbye to students and colleagues and heading into a summer[...]
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Top 10 Ways to Get Students Speaking in the Target Language (Part 2)

Last week we started our three-part series on supporting students to speak in their target language. In this post, Kelly provides strategies for[...]
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Top 10 Ways to Get Students Speaking in the Target Language (Part 1)

As much as world language teachers spend much of their curriculum developing 3 out of the 4 modes of communication (reading, writing, and listening),[...]
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Creating a Student-Centered Routine for In-Class Presentations

Learning to speak in front of others and express ourselves clearly are not only  Language Arts skills, but skills that are applicable to all content[...]
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How my Coach Helped me Transition to a Student-Centered Classroom

I have been working with my BetterLesson coach, Valerie, for the past two years to make my Jewish Studies classes more student-centered by focusing[...]
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Strategies for Developing Growth Mindset in Early Childhood Classrooms

Confident, curious, and happy. These are character goals that I set for myself as an educator, and qualities I hope to instill and support in my[...]
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Five Lessons I Learned Becoming a Blended Learning Coach

As a teacher, it became evident to me early on that my instruction could be more relevant to my students and more personalized to their needs. And as[...]
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"Talk it Out!: How Designing My Own Math Strategy Made a Difference for my 3rd Graders"

I am a firm believer that with the right coaching structure around them, most educators will relish the opportunity to creatively design solutions to[...]
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