Building Social Emotional Learning into Your Classroom

    In the last 10 years, research has increasingly confirmed what many teachers have always known: that students’ non-cognitive skills—such as their[...]
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    3 Ways Coaching Helps Change Habits

    Many teachers set classroom goals at the start of the school year in August or September, but once school begins, they find that those goals are[...]
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    Looking Back to Better Look Ahead: The PRO Co-Reflective Protocol

    If you are an instructional coach or school-based administrator, have you wanted to pause and reflect with the teachers you support at this time of[...]
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    7 Strategies for Building Gratitude in Your Classroom

    With childhood depression and anxiety on the rise, many schools and districts are looking to social emotional learning practices to help. A growing[...]
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    The Breakout Box Phenomenon- Will This New Teaching Tool and Strategy Benefit My Classroom?

    Over the course of this school year, Ann has been working with her BetterLesson instructional coach, Romain Bertrand, on shifting to a more[...]
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    What Do You Mean When You Say "Those Kids Don't Want to Learn"?

    Anyone who has spent time around young children knows how curious and wonder-filled they are. When my son was five, we'd drive around and he would[...]
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    Three Words that Turn Instructional Coaches into Allies: Show. Don’t. Tell.

    While helping Chris Odam, a Kansas City-based in-school ELA instructional coach think through some strategies for helping his teachers improve their[...]
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