Competency-Based Learning: How to Build a Culture of Self-Assessment (and Get Students On Board)

    When I coach teachers and leaders and we come to the phrase “self-assessment,” I often get some pushback. “Students won’t be able to self-assess[...]
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    An Action Plan for Closing Gaps and Accelerating Growth

    Unfinished learning is high on teachers’ priority lists this school year. But in bringing students up to speed, maintaining depth over coverage is[...]
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    8 Simple Ways Data Can Be Used to Personalize Instruction

    Technology has given us access to more data than ever. How can we sort through all of our formative assessment data and turn it into actionable steps[...]
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    Stop the Slide: Using Data-Driven Instruction to Address Academic Gaps

    We're all eager to return to our classrooms: to see our students, to set up our rooms, and to return to some normalcy. However, returning to school[...]
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    You Taught it. They Didn’t Get it. Now What? 5 Strategies to Use When Re-Teaching

    As teachers we often find ourselves most frequently using teaching strategies that make us feel comfortable. But what if what we like best doesn’t[...]
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    How to Create a Classroom Focused on Student-Centered Assessment and Feedback

    Do you want to provide students with opportunities to identify their strengths and weaknesses through self-assessments?
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    The Power of Data: Instructional Strategies to Help You Create a Data-Driven Classroom

    Teachers have become experts at collecting data, both formative and summative, in the classroom. Data alone, though, is just a set of numbers,[...]
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