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    Black History Month Reimagined

    I knew that moving from Brooklyn, New York to attend college in Big Sandy, Texas was going to be a culture shock for me. Transferring from the[...]
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    Want to Engage Teachers in Virtual Instructional Coaching? Don’t Forget the 3 C’s

    If your school uses virtual coaches, you might be grappling with how to best support that relationship and spread the learning to your whole teacher[...]
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    How Can Educators Create a Learning Space for Difficult Subjects?

    In the last week of October, one week before the 2020 U.S. election, I facilitated a virtual workshop entitled, Anti-Racism Fundamentals: Building[...]
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    Resources for Teaching the Events and Aftermath of January 6, 2021

    On Wednesday, January 6, 2021, a pro-Trump mob attacked the U.S. Capitol. Teachers around the country are thinking deeply about how to talk with[...]
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    Meaningful Tasks: Designing Engaging Learning Experiences

    As a BetterLesson instructional coach, I have facilitated virtual workshops with hundreds of teachers across all grade levels. One common question[...]
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    Don't Lose Your Best Young Teachers Midyear: A Holiday Message for Principals

    I’ve been an educator for almost 30 years. Even with over a decade of experience as a school and district leader, it’s impossible for me to really[...]
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    "I Wish My Teacher Knew": Strengthening Student Engagement in Remote Learning

    Student-centered learning thrives on strong student-teacher relationships. As a BetterLesson coach, I have heard from teachers and administrators[...]
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    Yes, Virtual Teacher PD Can Be Engaging: 5 Tips from a Coach

    The thought of facilitating a successful workshop in a virtual platform may raise anxiety even for the most experienced facilitators. Prior to[...]
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    Getting Organized: Creating Systems for Distance or Hybrid Learning

    If you’re a teacher, by this point you've probably learned the ins and outs of your video conferencing platform. You've likely experienced the joy of[...]
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    Dispelling 4 Common Myths about Instructional Coaching

    Recently, a colleague came to see me and begrudgingly shared that the district picked her to work with an instructional coach at BetterLesson. When I[...]
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