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    Trauma-Informed Teaching: Strategies that Work, Even in Remote Learning

    This fall we are all — teachers, leaders, students, and families — dealing with trauma. And it can show up in intense and new ways. A teacher friend[...]
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    BetterLesson Sponsors $1 Million Matching Grant Program for Professional Development

    Due to the hardships of starting a new school year amidst the COVID pandemic, we have received a number of requests to extend the deadline of our[...]
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    Teaching in a Hybrid Learning Model: 3 Ways to Use In-School Time

    With states across the country still grappling with COVID-19, more and more districts are rolling out plans for a hybrid instructional model: some[...]
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    Distance Learning Pushed Us to Standards-Based Grading. We’ll Keep it.

    As we transitioned to distance learning this spring, our team at the Yeshivah of Flatbush was faced with a grading problem. We were using a typical[...]
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    Distance Learning: How One Teacher Engaged K-2 Students with Disabilities

    Mayra is a K-2 special education teacher, who works with 12 students at multiple grade levels in a self-contained classroom. Her school serves about[...]
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    Stop the Slide: Using Data-Driven Instruction to Address Academic Gaps

    We're all eager to return to our classrooms: to see our students, to set up our rooms, and to return to some normalcy. However, returning to school[...]
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    Planning for Next Year: A Principal's Advice for Leading in a Pandemic

    No one knows for sure what next year will bring - whether students will be in the classroom, online, or a hybrid of the two - but we know we need to[...]
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    Juneteenth: Unlearning an Incomplete History of the United States

    For many educators, Juneteenth may not be a familiar holiday. But, like so many American holidays, our recognition of this celebration starts with[...]
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    5 Strategies to Bring Back Next Year—Virtually or in the Classroom

    The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many teachers to work harder than ever, adapting instruction in innovative ways to meet the needs of students. Many[...]
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    How the “Social Discipline Window” Helps Create an Empowered Classroom

    Allison Bucklew was selected to be part of the BetterLesson Master Teacher Project on Culturally-Responsive Teaching and Learning (CRTL),[...]
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